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Bendigo Wealth announced as major sponsor of Bendigo Youth Choirís push to win World Choir Games in USA


Head of Wealth Markets, Alexandra Tullio, today announced that Bendigo Wealth, the wealth division of Bendigo & Adelaide Bank, will sponsor the Bendigo Youth Choir's upcoming Tour of the USA for the World Choir Games.

"Bendigo Wealth is pleased to be able to support the Bendigo Youth Choir in their quest to win the 2012 World Choir Games. The Choir is an international standard youth choir whose previous performances overseas have been acclaimed", Ms Tullio said.

"Bendigo has long been known as a gold town, but perhaps lesser known is Bendigo's place as a rich lode of artistic and cultural talent, including the Choir, which Victoria can take great pride in and draw upon, in times of both tragedy and celebration", Ms Tullio said.

"The World Choir Games are held every two years, this time in the USA, which is of course hugely expensive for a tour group of almost 50 people. We are proud to be able to contribute to an organization that gives so much back to the community.

"For almost 30 years, the Bendigo Youth Choir has held fundraising Concerts for Bushfire and Flood victims that have raised many thousands of dollars, as well as performing regularly on Australia Day, ANZAC Day, Civic receptions, Citizenship Ceremonies and functions at Government House.

"The association with the Bank goes back many years, including a memorable performance at the opening of the Bendigo & Adelaide Centre with the Prime Minister and Premier in attendance.

"Bendigo Youth Choir shares the same philanthropic outlook as the Bank and helps members grow skills in life. Members are also encouraged into leadership roles, to learn self-confidence, self-discipline and team spirit and are urged into Community Service.

"On behalf of Bendigo Wealth and the wider Bendigo & Adelaide Bank Group, I wish the Choir every success in their endeavours at the World Choir Games and know they will do Bendigo, the Central Victorian Region and Australia proud", Ms Tullio concluded.