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Bendigo Bank launches Switch to Save


Bendigo Bank’s Generation GreenTM initiative has launched a new energy saving program called Switch to Save which will see thousands of Victorians lower their energy bills and reduce their impact on the environment.

From today, customers and members of the community (including those who don’t bank with the Bendigo) will be able to visit a Bendigo Bank branch and sign up to have Standby Power Controllers, called Embertec SmartSwitches™, valued at $100 each installed in their homes for free.

Bendigo Bank has partnered with Energy Makeovers, an Australian company dedicated to assisting families and businesses with energy efficiency solutions, to deliver and install the switches in participating households.

Bendigo Bank’s Head of Environment and Sustainability Trudy Ellery said the simple switches could save households as much as $200 a year, when you consider this saving will apply for 22,000 homes that’s a saving of $44 million in energy costs over the next 10 years.

“The switches look like a double adapter and manage energy consumption on televisions and computers; two appliances which significantly contribute to our power bills,” Ms Ellery said.

“For example if a TV remote or computer keyboard isn’t touched for a few hours, the switch will ensure the energy supply is shut down,” she said. Ms Ellery said the Bank’s 228 Victorian branches are aiming to register 22,000 homes by the end of July, which will see almost 60,000 switches installed.

“Each house can receive up to four controllers and we estimate Switch to Save will not only save people money, but also reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 220,000 tonnes; that’s the equivalent of taking more than 50,000 cars off the road for a whole year,” Ms Ellery said.

In addition to saving money and the environment, Bendigo Bank is adding another initiative to the Switch to Save program.

“For every participating household our branches will distribute $15 to help support a neighbouring school undertake sustainable projects,” Ms Ellery said.

“We hope this will not only provide an additional incentive to encourage community participation, but more importantly help to educate young people about the benefits of thinking green.”

To register or for more information please visit your local Bendigo Bank branch, go to or call Energy Makeovers on 1300 98 26 28.