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GoPos®Lite is set to revolutionise card transactions


Bendigo Bank and Quest Payment Systems, together with Strategic Payments Services (SPS), are about to launch an innovative mobile payment solution.

GoPos®Lite will revolutionise how small and medium businesses accept card payments, making the  transaction easier than ever before for both the customer and business operator.

Michael O’Shea, Head of Access and Payment Systems at Bendigo Bank, says GoPos®Lite is a low-cost  credit and debit card terminal that connects to almost any smart device, giving business owners more  freedom, choice and connectivity.

“The business downloads a free app onto its own smart device (be it phone or tablet) which is paired  with the MPOS (Mobile Point of Sale) terminal to take secure payments from customers,” he said.

“This will be a great tool for trades people or other businesses on the go, as they’ll be able to receive  payments on the spot while offering their customers greater convenience.

Bendigo Bank and Quest Payment Systems will offer GoPos®Lite via their own respective brands. Mr  O’Shea said the partnership is motivated by a mutual desire to enhance the offering of merchants and  improve the experience of consumers.

“When we first sat down with Quest to discuss a partnership it very quickly became evident that both  organisations have a strong belief in providing value and service to merchants, and while it’s important  to be competitive it’s not just about selling on price.

“Both companies are nimble, employ local people and are working towards a mutually beneficial  outcome. We look forward to working with Quest to not only bring GoPos®Lite to market, but to explore  other opportunities,” he said.

Damien Halloran, Director Sales and Marketing at Quest added his company is excited to work with the Bank on delivering a game-changing payments product.

“It’s great to work with Bendigo Bank to deliver an Australian developed chip and PIN mobile payments  solution to their small business customers.

“When we looked for a wholesale acquiring partner for our own business, we wanted to work with a  bank that shared the same values - Bendigo was the obvious choice.”

Simon Stephenson, Managing Director of SPS says the technology SPS offers plays a key role in the  offering.

“SPS Payments Hub makes it simple, secure and cost effective for MPOS vendors like Quest Payment  Systems to integrate next generation merchant POS solutions to a real time acquirer processing  platform, facilitating omni-channel payments for our customers.

“We’re delighted to have worked in partnership with Quest and Bendigo to deliver an innovative mobile  payment solution to the Australian market,” said Mr Stephenson.

The mutual wholesale acquiring and processing agreement will be finalised by the participating  companies in the coming weeks, with GoPos®Lite set to go to market in May.