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Bank’s Community Telco Australia partners with Samsung


Bendigo and Adelaide Bank’s (Bank) telecommunications subsidiary, Community Telco Australia (CTA), has signed a memorandum of understanding with Samsung.

The parties will look to develop mobile banking solutions, to help make it easy for Australians to make payments and do business.

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank’s managing director Mike Hirst said the proposed partnership highlights the unique capabilities and position of the Bank.

“No other Australian bank owns a telco. This is a real advantage and point of difference for our company,” he said.

“Our Bank has its sights firmly set on being Australia’s leading customer-connected bank, and partnerships like this will help us get there.

“Over the past few years we’ve invested in a number of digital initiatives aimed at improving our customers’ experience.

“Now we will leverage those advancements, our investment in the CTA, and look to work with Samsung to deliver some exciting mobile banking solutions,” said Mr Hirst.

Community Telco Australia CEO David Joss said the planned collaboration could give CTA access to some of Samsung’s leading-edge technology. In return, CTA will assist Samsung with testing new products and services.

“This proposed partnership looks to generate benefits for everyone, with our customers set to be the biggest winners of all,” he said.

“In addition to testing, Samsung will look to give CTA access to some of its invaluable research and development insights. This will assist us to create relevant and innovative customer and enterprise mobility solutions,” Mr Joss said.

Samsung’s vice president of enterprise and small and midsize businesses (SMB) for Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia Craig Gledhill said the proposed partnership will be another step forward for innovation in mobile banking.

“Collaboration with Community Telco Australia can provide a platform to help drive innovation which will allow local businesses to explore new ways of engaging with customers.

“We’re proud that our technology leadership and continued investment in developing secure enterprise mobility solutions will help CTA take advantage of technology advancements and deliver exceptional solutions to businesses,” said Mr Gledhill.

A pipeline of proposed joint projects has already been developed, and the two companies are looking to work closely to deliver these.

CTA is working towards launching its next mobile banking solution, redy, in mid 2014 and hopes to collaborate with Samsung for the launch event.

Samsung is a preferred technology partner of Community Telco Australia, with CTA currently migrating its mobile fleet to Samsung devices.

Samsung and Community Telco Australia hope to formalise these arrangements in the future.

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Community Telco Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank.

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