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redy offers better, bigger and smarter mobile payments


Bendigo Bank, its telecommunications subsidiary Community Telco Australia (CTA), and Samsung Electronics Australia have launched a new retail point of sale mobile payment solution called redy.

redy is available to all Australians using a compatible smart phone and is easily accessed by simply downloading the redy app from Google Play or the App Store. The new payment solution offers customers the ability to make payments by using their mobile device to scan a unique QR code displayed at point of sale via a Samsung tablet.

Bendigo Bank's Head of Customer Led Connections Andrew Cairns said redy is unique as it not only rewards consumers and benefits businesses, it also raises money to support community fundraising initiatives.

“The face of banking is changing, with technology quickly revolutionising the way we use and move our money. Our Bank recognises this and we've developed our own solution that delivers mobile payments and a lot more,” he said.

Mr Cairns touched on the redy tagline 'Better than a card, bigger than a payment system and smarter than a fundraiser' to highlight why redy is unmatched in the marketplace.

“For consumers, redy is an app they can download and link to their Bendigo Bank account or any Visa or Mastercard account. It offers a secure, easy and fast way to pay that rewards the consumer, what they care about and the places where they like to shop.

“As they shop they earn creds and they can then use their creds to make a donation to a charity or cause of their choice. People can choose to support large national charities or they can identify causes within their own community to assist. It's the digital version of dropping some cash into a collection tin.”

Mr Cairns added, “Creds can also be collected and this lets consumers reward themselves by saving money on their next purchase with a redy business. This encourages people to shop locally and support nearby traders through their everyday activities.

“For businesses, redy is like a digital cash register, which enables them to take mobile payments from customers using the redy app. The redy Samsung terminal is portable and is suitable for all businesses,” he said.

Samsung's vice president of enterprise and small and midsize business (SMB) for Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia Craig Gledhill said Samsung was pleased to collaborate with Community Telco Australia (CTA) to bring the redy solution to the market.

“We're incredibly proud and excited about the launch of redy as it not only brings a fantastic innovation to market that will benefit retailers and customers alike, it also represents the great collaborative relationship Samsung has built with CTA. We look forward to building on this relationship in the future.” he said.

“The collaboration between CTA and Samsung is testament to our combined commitment to developing innovations that provide tangible benefits to Australian businesses.”

Community Telco Australia CEO David Joss said redy is a great example of how well-placed the Bank and its partners are to play in this exciting new space.

“This is one of the first examples of technology, payments and banking streams converging to create a fantastic customer-led solution.

“It also highlights the depth of talent at our organisation, combining the hard work of many staff across multiple areas of our business. This is a great example of our people listening and addressing our customers' need for a new way of banking.

“The initiative has been developed from there, it will use the services o