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Bendigo Bank launches new mobile internet banking


Bendigo Bank launched its new mobile internet banking app today, giving customers a unique take on anywhere anytime banking.

New fast-track functions include a four-digit PIN and the ability to make payments from the home screen, reducing logon times and making banking simple.

An "Activity" feed provides a clear list of all transactions, including credit transactions yet to hit the account, and secure messages, which can now be sent and received via a customer's smart phone.

A new "Contact" list makes identifying payees easy and gives quick access to past and future payments.

Unique graphs on the home or "Accounts" screen make account, loan, and credit card balances easier to understand, while those customers with a term deposit will be able to clearly map its progress.

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Executive Customer Voice Marnie Baker said the new mobile "e-banking" service was built from scratch, designed directly from customer feedback.

"Mobile e-banking is our fastest growing service, it's grown 50 per cent in the last 12 months and has now overtaken desktop as the preferred medium for financial transactions," Ms Baker said.

"So we know our customers are increasingly using their mobiles to meet their banking needs and we want to make that process as easy as possible."

Ms Baker said the new mobile e-banking platform was just one part of a series of innovations promoting greater customer connectivity.

"This year we launched redy, a mobile payment system that allows customers to pay redy-enabled businesses with their smartphone, while collecting "creds" they can spend locally or donate to charity.

"We also introduced microPay, a pocket-sized card reader that businesses can connect to their mobile phone and use to process payments on the go.

"Later this year we plan to release miBanker, a website that will provide our business banking customers with direct access to their banker, as well as daily feeds on markets, finance tips and business planning.

"A tablet version of the new e-banking platform is also in development."

Bendigo Bank's new mobile e-banking app is available now to download for iPhone and Android.

To register for e-banking, head in to your local branch or call 1300 BENDIGO.