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Bank welcomes Android Pay to Australia


Bendigo Bank has today announced it is working with Google to help bring Android Pay to Australia, a simple and secure payment platform that allows customers to pay in store and in apps using an Android phone.

Used wherever contactless payments are accepted, Android Pay will be launched in the first half of 2016 in Australia. Australia is the first country outside of the US that Google has announced will be receiving the payment platform.

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank’s Chief Customer Officer, Marnie Baker, said Android Pay provides Bendigo Bank customers with even greater choice and flexibility in managing their financial life.

"The pace of change in technology is extremely fast these days, driving a revolution in the way we think about, use and move money," Ms Baker said.

"To make sure we deliver what our customers are asking for, we’re constantly seeking to be part of an ecosystem – either one we create or one we join – that will give our customers the functionality they’re looking for."

Android Pay offers Bendigo Bank customers;

  • A simple payment platform: Simply unlock your Android phone, place it near a merchant’s contactless terminal for payments under $100, and your payment is made.
  • Security of personal and financial information: Stored credit and debit card information is never sent with a payment, instead a virtual account number is used, providing additional security. Lost or stolen phones can be locked, new passwords set or personal information wiped clean using Android Device Manager – all in an instant.
  • Shop where you want: Android Pay can be used wherever contactless payments are accepted.

Ms Baker said the integration with Android Pay is part of a premium offering for Bendigo Bank customers.

"Android Pay supports and complements what Bendigo Bank offers customers today; exceptional products, innovative technologies and first-of-its-kind apps that make it easier for them to do business with us," she said.

"Our banking app is market leading in functionality and customer experience, our award winning miBanker app supports our business banking customers across many aspects of their business with advice and information, and miVoice sees us collaborating with customers around new initiatives.

"Unmatched in the Australian marketplace, our redy app rewards consumers, benefits business and raises money to support community fundraising initiatives.

"It’s a partnering mindset that will allow us to remain competitive and relevant to our customers, and being receptive to adopting emerging technologies in an ever-changing environment will ensure we fulfil our vision of being Australia’s most customer connected bank."