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2,680 Victorians Switch to Save


More than 2,680 Victorians have participated in Bendigo Bank's Switch to Save initiative, helping them to lower their energy bills and reduce their impact on the environment.

Running from 13 July to 13 November, the initiative invited members of the community (including those who don't bank with the Bendigo) to sign up to replace their energy-thirsty halogen down lights with energy-efficient LED down lights for free.

Bendigo Bank partnered with Energy Makeovers, an Australian company dedicated to assisting families and businesses with energy efficiency solutions, to deliver and install the LED down lights in participating households and businesses.

Bendigo Bank's Regional Victorian State Manger Tim Rodda said the LED down lights have been installed in more than 2,680 Victorian homes and businesses, saving an estimated $1.3 million in energy costs per year and 47,000 tonnes in greenhouse gas emissions.

"The LED down lights are already making a big difference and could save households as much as $500 a year in energy costs.

"When you consider this across the entire Switch to Save program, that's the equivalent of taking more than 9,900 cars off the road for a whole year," Mr Rodda said.

In addition to saving money and the environment, Bendigo Bank also made the commitment to support local schools in introducing or enhancing sustainable programs.

"Our branches will distribute $1 for every halogen down light replaced to help support local schools undertake sustainable projects," Mr Rodda said.

"This has seen $65,000 distributed to local schools.

"We hope this will not only provide an additional incentive to encourage community participation, but more importantly help to educate young people about the benefits of thinking green."

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