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Bank employees roll up their sleeves to save lives


Bendigo and Adelaide Bank is proud to support the life-saving work of the Australian Red Cross Blood Service, with employees making 1,713 blood donations so far this year.

The donations contribute to the Red25 program, a corporate group donation initiative working to save lives and to achieve 25% of the blood donations needed by Australians.

Every blood donation can save three lives, meaning the Bank's Red25 member donations (including employees, their family and friends) could have directly contributed to saving 5,139 lives.

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank's Managing Director, Mike Hirst, thanked everyone who generously donated their time and blood over the last year.

"Our people understand the meaning of community, and how giving up our time can help others around us in need," Mr Hirst said.

"This ethos is embraced by our people; their willingness to literally roll up their sleeves and donate blood has helped patients with cancer and blood diseases, people undergoing emergency surgery, unborn babies, women in childbirth, road trauma victims, and many more."

Australia desperately needs more than 5,000 people to give blood between Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve to prevent a critical shortage of blood components used daily by cancer patients.

Many people take a break over the festive season, but the need for blood doesn't.

“The best gift this Christmas is the one that could save a life," Mr Hirst said.

To give blood between 24 and 31 December, please call 13 14 95 or make an appointment online at

With donors located across Australia, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank employee donations have risen substantially this year, with an increase of 42.75% compared to the same period last year.

If you already donate blood, or are thinking about giving it a go, you can nominate Bendigo and Adelaide Bank as your Club team on the booking form at