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Bendigo BIDs farewell to legacy share trading platform


Bendigo Bank's new online share trading solution, Bendigo Invest Direct (BID) launched this week, with more than 10,000 customers transitioning to the platform.

After an extensive review, the bank sought a partner who could deliver a greater level of customer connectedness, finally choosing to join forces with the multi-award winning CMC Markets Stockbroking.

BID project sponsor Matt Smith said: "We're pleased to announce the launch of Bendigo Invest Direct - an entirely new share trading platform for Bendigo Bank customers.

"BID is all about confidence, providing customers with the market leading research, sophisticated analytics tools and speed they need to execute trades as they identify opportunities."

Speed, mobility, versatility

"On the big screen or small, the fresh design means the experience for users is greatly enhanced. The mobile version is slick and fast, so investors can trade whenever, wherever," Mr Smith said.

"Straight through processing offers a fully automated solution to get orders to market, typically less than a second after it's received, so BID users can choose the perfect moment to act.

"Managed funds are also a simple way for investors to diversify, and BID is one of the few online brokers offering access to unlisted managed funds through the ASX mFund service."

Manage risk, diversify your portfolio

"Risk management is also improved by simultaneously limiting losses and protecting gains. ‘Stop loss' and ‘take profit' features automatically sell shares when they reach a value predetermined by the investor," Mr Smith said.

"A margin loan from Leveraged can also be fully integrated with a BID trading account and loan details and trades are viewable on the one simple-to-use dashboard, providing customers with the ability to exercise the option of diversifying or building a larger portfolio.

"Initial feedback has been extremely positive with customers quickly learning to navigate the new platform and making good use of the additional information and analytics available to assist them in their investment strategy," he said.

The innovative technology powering the new Bendigo Invest Direct offering is delivered by CMC Markets Stockbroking, known industry-wide for investing in cutting-edge technology and providing customers with the best value and service in market.

"We chose to partner with CMC Markets Stockbroking as they are an excellent cultural fit with Bendigo Bank and align closely with the levels of quality, service and innovation that our customers value so highly," Mr Smith explained.

Andy Rogers, Head of CMC Markets Stockbroking said: "We have forged a strong relationship with Bendigo Bank to assist in delivering an intuitive, feature-rich share trading platform for Bendigo Bank customers.

"Our continued investment in customer service and the latest technologies ensures each Bendigo client has a positive customer experience as they migrate across to the new Bendigo Invest Direct platform".

Underpinning the CMC Markets Stockbroking white label solution is its status as an ABA100 Winner for Service Excellence in The Australian Business Awards 2015



  • Free access to stock analytics and star ratings from theScreener
  • Access to ASX mFunds (unlisted managed funds)
  • Fee-free Stop Loss orders
  • Watch list tracking up to 200 favourite stocks
  • Improved risk management
  • Trailing stop losses and take profits
  • Create sophisticated entry and exit strategies for every trade, with linked orders at no additional cost.
  • Superior research and comprehensive charts
  • Access to powerful, user-friendly stock trading tools
  • Over 20 chart indicators and measurements
  • Investment research, market news, analyst reports and commentary with Dow Jones Newswires, financial diaries and a stock filter tool.
  • Access upcoming dividend distributions, a sector analysis table, both live and historic company news, and live ASX announcements.

Easier tax and portfolio reporting: BID features Sharesight™ for portfolio tracking, tax reporting and ranking shares by performance. Trades flow instantly into Sharesight, and corporate actions such as share splits and dividends are automatically incorporated.