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$45,000 kick starts Tasmanian Flood Appeal


Bendigo Bank, the Tasmanian Community Bank« network, Rural Bank and The Salvation Army have joined forces to launch the Tasmanian Flood Appeal.

The appeal - kick started with a $20,000 donation from Tasmania's Community Bank« branches, $5,000 from Rural Bank and $20,000 from Bendigo Bank - aims to raise funds to support both the ongoing needs of flood-affected families and businesses through the recovery process.

Deloraine Community Bank« Branch Chairman, Lynn Hayward, said the branch was committed to doing everything it could to help local communities in the wake of the recent floods.

"This is a community our branch has been very much a part of for more than ten years, and one that has unfortunately been severely impacted by these floods. Our thoughts are with the locals and the volunteers who are working tirelessly to protect and support them," Ms Hayward said.

"Launching this appeal with a $20,000 donation from the Tasmanian Community Bank« network will hopefully encourage not only Tasmanians, but all Australians to dig deep to support this very worthwhile cause.

Bendigo Bank State Manager Tasmania, Russell Carrick, said the Bank's partnership with The Salvation Army and local Community Bank« branches will strengthen the assistance for the devastated communities.

"We're committed to supporting the immediate and long-term needs of those affected by these floods, but know it's going to take time to manage this crisis and restore the place they call home," he said.

"Backed by our strong Community Bank« and Rural Bank presence across Tasmania - particularly in the flood-affected areas - and together with The Salvation Army, we hope that we can help to make a difference."

The Salvation Army Public Relations Secretary Tasmania, Mark Foyle, said balancing immediate assistance with providing long-term support for affected communities would achieve the best possible outcome for those in need.

"We urge the community to make a donation at any Bendigo Bank branch across Australia, as even the smallest donation can make a difference to the lives of these families and their communities," Mr Foyle said.

Rural Bank Managing Director and CEO, Alexandra Gartmann, recognised the long road ahead for affected communities.

"Our main focus will be providing long-term support, by working with impacted communities and farmers to rebuild the productive and diverse agricultural business Tasmania is renowned for," Ms Gartmann said.

"By collaborating with Bendigo Bank, Tasmania's Community Bank« network and The Salvation Army, we can assist agricultural communities in the recovery journey by directing funds to rebuilding community assets, vital to local prosperity."

Donations to the Tasmanian Flood Appeal can be made at any Bendigo Bank branch or online via the Bank's philanthropic arm, Community Enterprise FoundationTM. Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible -